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Ti-Clip for climbers,
because with rope in the mouth it becomes unhealthy!

Ti-Clip, the real alternative for your teeth when clipping high!

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Overextended clipping without biting the rope

The Ti-Clip is the application innovation for all lead climbers. It avoids the dangerous, stressful (e.g. up to more than 2 kg rope weight) and unhygienic clamping between the ropes with the teeth - and offers a power-saving movement sequence. It is used to quickly hold the unloaded rope in order to grab it efficiently and safely and lengthen it for clipping. In the event of a fall, the rope detaches easily and independently from the Ti-Clip. THE ONLY REAL ALTERNATIVE FOR YOUR TEETH WHENEVER YOU NEED IT!

Why Ti-Clip?

  • Nounnecessary stress on the teeth - For example, the rope's own weight can be more than 2 kg

  • Improved hygiene, since the dirty rope no longer has to be put in the mouth

  • Efficient motion sequenceandenergy-saving (Especially when the rope is pulled high, since the rope only has to be pulled to hip height before you can grab it)

  • Avoidance of the risk of severe injuries in the dentition and face area, due to falls when overextended clipping with a rope in the mouth (background: reflexive muscle spasms in shock situations) 

Decide for the Ti-Clip, because when it happens, is it unfortunately too late?

Order your Ti-Clip today, avoid unnecessary risks and experience the benefits on your next tour.

Buy now and use:

Customer feedback

"Great, thank you very much 🙏 😊. I'm very satisfied
and recommend you to others. Really fun with the hand trainer
train. Greetings Gerald"

(Gerald / Bavaria / Germany)

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