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The revolutionary spring system of
Das preisgekrönte Design von Ti-Hand Fingertrainer / Handtrainer

What are the outstanding advantages of our spring system?

  • Robust and simple design: A spring of one piece. No different elements and materials that are susceptible to damage when interacting. 

  • Simple spring swapOne push on the loose spring (click) and the spring is stuck. A short pull (click) and the spring is free to exchange. 

  • Flexible and retrofittable: Every spring fits in every position and thus offers the highest degree of flexibility and individuality.

  • Diverse training opportunities through:

    • Highest lifting height

    • Springs independent of each other

    • Lateral playful flexibility of the springs

Ti-Hand offers MORE training options, flexibility and fun than any other hand and finger trainer!

If you have any further questions, you will find answers in the FAQs or you can contact us directly at Contact.

The spring system at a glance
Feder light medium
Feder medium blau
Ti-Hand Handtrainer bietet Federn je Finger in unterschiedlichen  Stärken
Feder strong schwarz

Choose the springs flexibly for your targeted training and start now.

Buy now and start your training:

Discover a world of possibilities when your hands are in top form.

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