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Ti-Clip, the mountaineering innovation for your climbing harness.

The Ti clip is the oneClimbing innovation for lead climbing and belongs on every climbing harness. It avoids the dangerous, stressful and unhygienic clamping of the rope with your teeth when hooking it up too long - and offers an energy-saving movement sequence.

The second outstanding application is the Ti-Clip when ropedWalking on the glacier a trouble-free and safe lateral rope path and therefore significantly less hassle when handling the rope.

Ti-Hand is the bestFinger trainer for climbing and bouldering - another possible application of theFinger trainer is rehabilitation and occupational therapy. The various finger trainers, hand trainers and forearm trainers for climbing, bouldering and hand therapy, as well as for sports with high demands on hand strength: motocross, mountain biking, tennis or ball sports. 

The hand trainer for finger and forearm training is developed, produced and packaged in Austria and Germany - in the best quality!

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