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Story: Über uns

The story of the Ti clip

I was reflecting on my rock climbing accomplishments one evening that day. Of course there is always a lot to improve in terms of technique, courage and strength, but I also asked myself the question: "What bothered me today and is there a solution?"
Then I remembered recurring situations where I wanted to clip the quickdraw that was a little far away (overstretched clipping), but the rope had to be grabbed due to the unfavorable distance to the hook. I wasn't ready for another climb in the sense of textbook clipping at hip height, because I was too unsure about the further climbing course. And so I , like probably many others in similar situations, clamped the slightly dirty rope between my teeth to lengthen the rope loop for clipping. I also stood on very small steps and only had a bad side grip to hold on to. I was very happy when the process went well and the fuse was attached. I didn't like putting the rope in my mouth at that moment and I didn't want to fall like that under any circumstances, as I was aware of the unpleasant consequences. So I thought that there must be a better solution to this problem. From then on, I considered, designed and tested a wide variety of ideas until finally the perfect solution - the Ti-Clip - emerged.

Sunny greetings and lots of fun and success on your tours!


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