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Ti-Clip, the mountain sports innovation for your climbing harness

Ti-Clip für Kletterer
Ti-Clip für Klettesteige

Ti-Clip for Climbers: Overstretched clipping without biting into the rope

The Ti-Clip is the application innovation for all lead climbers and levels of difficulty.

It is attached to the side of the climbing harness and helps in “difficult” clip positions (overstretched clipping). It avoids the dangerous, stressful and unhygienic rope clamping with the teeth - and offers an efficient movement sequence.

The Ti-Clip is used to quickly hold the unloaded rope in order to grab it efficiently and safely and extend it for clipping.

​The best advantages of the Ti-Clip for climbing:

  • Safe for you and your teeth

  • Efficient and energy-saving

  • Hygienic

Die Gefahr beim Überstreckten Einhängen im Vorstiegsklettern - mit Seil im Mund wird's ungesund

Ti-Clip for high tours: 
Full freedom of movement and focus on the tour

No matter whether with touring skis or with crampons. As soon as you rope up, the Ti-Clip is your perfect companion. 

You should be able to concentrate fully on your body, the terrain and the tour itself and not have to lose strength or joy due to an unnecessarily disruptive rope path.

The Ti-Clip creates a high side rope guide to the rear, giving you unrestricted freedom of movement on the rope and greatly reducing the risk of tripping.


The outstanding application advantages of the Ti-Clip for high-altitude tours:

  • No rubbing of the rope on the thigh

  • Minimizing the risk of injuring the rope due to the crampons or tripping​

  • ​Controlled cable guidance to the rear, without manual repositioning​

Ti-Clip for via ferratas: Quick use of the locking sling and comfort in walking terrain

When using the Ti-Clip on a via ferrata, the carabiner of the locking sling is clamped into it instead of being hooked into the usual material loops.

The decisive advantage of the Ti-Clip is the speed and easy movement with which the locking loop can be used.

Especially in situations when you run out of strength or experience sudden physical difficulties, the speed factor is crucial.

Our customers also like to use the Ti-Clip as a storage option for the freely hanging loops of the safety branches when they are not in use.


​The unique advantages of the Ti-Clip for via ferratas:

  • Fastest movement sequence for the rapid use of the locking sling  

  • Storage option for the freely hanging loops of the safety branches

Ti clip assembly: Individually adjustable position of the Ti-Clip on your climbing harness

In the video below you can see the Ti-Clip assembly without having cut the Velcro strips to length beforehand.

The table below is an approximation for cutting the Velcro straps used to attach the Ti-Clip to the harness.

Please also cut off the corners of the Velcro tape at an angle of 45° so that there are no sharp corners that could possibly promote snagging when putting on and taking off the harness.

You can order spare parts such as Velcro strips directly from our online shop. 

We ask that you read the supplied operating instructions in detail. Here you will always find the current version. 

Sketches and parameters for assembly


Ti-Clip harness attachment chart
(Velcro Length Approximation)


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