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  • Are there examples of training exercises and training programs?
    Absolutely, and we are committed to continuously expanding and enhancing these offerings. Visit the page to access the latest training videos and information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions – we'd love to hear from you!
  • Are there different sizes - e.g. for children's hands?
    We offer various levels of spring tension for each finger, while adhering to a balanced standard size for the casing. Additionally, all springs share the same length for versatile use. These sizes are optimized for adults and even teenagers. By incorporating lighter springs on weaker fingers (such as the pinky finger), an individualized balance is achieved, facilitating a smooth range of motion. Even individuals with larger hands and fingers will find ample space due to the lateral flexibility of the springs. While we currently do not have an ideal product for small children's hands, we are committed to developing a suitable solution in the future.
  • Can the spring force decrease during training?
    During exercise, the pressure resistance may decrease slightly. This reaction is supported if you keep the spring pressed, which you should avoid if possible. After your workout, the spring relaxes again and provides you with your usual resistance for the next session.
  • Do the feathers lose length?
    he springs are manually inserted into the casing and undergo a 100% test for their compression behavior. Long-term compression testing of the springs is conducted on a sampling basis. The behavior of the springs is such that new springs might experience a slight reduction in length (approximately 1 mm) after initial frequent compressions (around 50-100 times). However, after this initial change, they remain stable in that length. This effect is slightly less pronounced in the slimmer, gray springs (light), which can occasionally result in a minor offset between the light springs and other springs. This is completely normal and is attributed to the technical material properties. The slight length reduction does not affect the function or quality of the spring; it's a natural initial process.
  • Are the springs losing strength?
    Our springs are exceptionally resilient and long-lasting. The spring strength is based on the typical behavior of springs. For instance, we measure the maximum compression force of the spring as a snapshot while pushing it to the deepest endpoint. When springs are held in the compressed position, they might experience a slight decrease in resistance over the holding period. However, after releasing the compression, the spring tension rebuilds, allowing for the measurement of maximum compression forces once again. Naturally, improper handling, such as excessive elongation of the spring or prolonged exposure to UV radiation, can influence the spring properties and longevity.
  • What is the meaning of the colors of the feathers?
    The color always corresponds to a specific spring tension - for instance, gray indicates light, blue signifies medium, and black/white represents strong. In the case of special editions, new colors might be introduced, but the primary colors gray, blue, and black consistently maintain a clear correlation to compression strength.
  • Which handling during training damages the springs?
    Training is at its best when the springs are fully relaxed at each compression rate. This gives you the best training effect and the pressure resistance of the spring also remains more constant. If you stretch the spring forcefully, this can damage the spring. Keeping the spring pressed also damages the elasticity of the spring and can have a lasting effect on the behavior.
  • Where can I get replacement parts for the Ti-Hand?
    Of course, we offer all standard spare parts either through our online shop (e.g. compression springs of varying strength) or directly upon request. For limited availability special editions, it might occasionally happen that dedicated spare parts are out of stock.
  • Where can I buy the Ti-Hand finger trainer?
    During the initial phase, the Ti-Hand will be exclusively available on our website through our online store. We're looking forward to your purchases and equally excited to hear about your experiences and feedback, which hold great importance to us. Apart from our own online store, starting from September 2025, the Ti-Hand can also be found in select retail outlets. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will gladly provide information about potential retailers in your vicinity.
  • Mein Fingertrainer hat ein für mich störendes Federngeräusch - kann man da was machen?
    Die Federn sind aus hochwertigem technischem Kunststoff hergestellt, der in technischen Anwendungen aufgrund seiner sehr guten Gleitlagerfähigkeiten geschätzt wird und funktioniert. Dennoch können leichte Geräusche auftreten, welche Kollegen während der Arbeit oder die Familie / Freunde beim Fernsehen stören könnten. Leider lassen sich diese Geräusche nicht vollständig vermeiden. Das Reinigen der Feder mit einem Stofftuch (zwischen den Schenkeln und den Federlamellen) kann die Nebengeräusche reduzieren, jedoch nicht vollständig und nicht immer. Im Allgemeinen beeinflusst auch die Farbe der Feder die Entstehung von Nebengeräuschen. Es hat sich gezeigt, dass schwarze Federn in den meisten Fällen kaum Geräusche erzeugen. Generell gilt: Nebengeräusche sind bei gleitenden Federvorrichtungen üblich. Unser Fingertrainer erzeugt jedoch wesentlich weniger Geräusche im Vergleich zu konkurrierenden Produkten mit Stahlfedern. Für diejenigen, die gerne neben der Arbeit oder beim Fernsehen mit dem Fingertrainer trainieren und dabei ihre Familie oder Kollegen nicht stören möchten, gibt es einen kleinen Trick bzw. Tipp, wie mögliche Nebengeräusche deutlich gedämpft werden können. In dem folgenden Video findest du eine Anleitung, wie du in weniger als 3 Minuten dämpfende Elemente herstellen und einbauen kannst. Probiere es zuerst bei einer Feder aus und überzeuge dich von der Veränderung.
  • What payment methods are there?
    All common online payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Apple-Pay, Goolge-Pay or Klarna are available in the online shop.
  • To which countries can we already deliver?
    Until the end of 2021, we will ship via the shop to the German-speaking regions of Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (South Tyrol). All delivery conditions and shipping-free limits for these countries are stored in the online shop. Other countries on direct request.
  • What shipping costs should I expect?
    Our goal is to keep shipping costs as low as possible! Currently, we offer free shipping to Austria and Germany for orders over €25. This means that some products are already eligible for free shipping. For products with a lower purchase value, we recommend browsing for additional items and adding them to your cart to save on shipping costs. Here you can find the list of our shipping costs by country and the thresholds for free delivery: - Shipping costs Austria for 2,90 € (free shipping from €25) - Shipping costs Germany 2,90 € (free shipping from 25 €) - Shipping costs Switzerland 3,90 € (free shipping from 25 €) - Shipping costs Italy 6.90 € (free shipping from 50 €) - Shipping costs Netherlands 6.90 € (free shipping from 50 €) We ship to other countries on request.
  • Can I pre-order an item?
    At the moment, an item can only be ordered if it can actually be delivered from us in one week. For systemic reasons, orders can only be processed via the system and subject to availability. We would be happy to inform you personally about all availabilities at
  • What are the return conditions?
    Please find all information on this on the website under Revocation instructions (menu in the footer of the website).< /p>
  • Where can I view, download or print out my invoice?"
    After payment/shipping of the goods, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your invoice. Your invoice can be called up here and you can of course download or print it out.
  • Is the Ti-Clip tested by a certified institution?
    Basically, the Ti-Clip is not a load-bearing security part and is therefore not subject to the statutory PPE inspection requirement. Nevertheless, we have of course had the Ti-Clip checked by a certified institution. The test was carried out by TÜV Austria (test number PSA21-102) in Vienna. You can find more details about the test in the menu under "News".
  • Do I need to retrain my climbing and clipping habits now?
    Of course, you don't have to retrain anything doggedly, just insert and use it when it suits you. You don't suddenly get rid of a familiar and automated sequence of movements, such as the rope being clamped between your teeth. But, every time you use the Ti-Clip in your climb and enjoy the ease of movement, you reduce risk, improve efficiency and promote the long-lasting health of your teeth!
  • Where can I buy the Ti-Clip?
    In the initial phase, the Ti-Clip exclusive will only be available here on our website in our online shop. We look forward to your purchase and also to your experiences and feedback, which is very important to us.
  • What rope diameters can the Ti-Clip hold?
    The Ti-Clip is optimized for common dynamic single ropes with a diameter of 8.9 to 11 mm. But ropes with a slightly smaller cross-section should also generally be easy to hold. This is possible because the deflection of the rope through its own weight makes a significant contribution to the holding power. Diameters of more than 11.5 mm should not be clamped, as the clamp is too open and the Ti-Clip is not permanently optimized for these nominal diameters. Note: In rare positions where the rope cannot be deflected, there is a possibility that it cannot be adequately held. Please let us know about your experiences so that we can use your feedback to continuously improve (
  • Where can I get replacement parts for the Ti-Clip?
    Of course we offer all standard spare parts either via our online shop (e.g. spare fastening straps) or directly on request. With limited availability of special colors, it may happen that spare parts of the same type are out of stock.
  • For which climbing harnesses can the Ti-Clip be used?
    The Ti-Clip can generally be used for all climbing harnesses with a harness width (which is usually padded) of 3.2 cm to approx. 7 cm. If the belt width is even higher, the overlap of the Velcro straps may be too small. For this purpose, you can order micro Velcro tapes with a length of 100 cm in our web shop, which you can tailor to your individual requirements. If you have problems with the attachment of your climbing harness, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you at
  • What colors is the Ti-Clip available in?
    We currently offer the Ti-Clip in the color ANTHRACITE. We are planning seasonal limited productions in special colours. We look forward to your input and your wishes, according to which we can control our production requirements.Individual productions in individual special colors are unfortunately not possible due to the material and the associated production method.
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