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Ti-Clip for a perfect rope route  on glacier tours/alpine tours

Story: Über uns

Full freedom of movement and focus on the glacier tour

No matter whether with crampons or touring skis. As soon as you rope up on the glacier, the Ti-Clip is your perfect companion. No more chafing on the thighs and having to reposition the rope at every turn. 

The Ti-Clip creates a perfect cable routing along the hips to the back. The rope can be clipped in/out and moved easily.

The Ti-Clip during high-altitude tours significantly reduces the risk of accidentally stepping on the rope with the crampons or getting caught (danger of tripping!). 

If you are skiing on a glacier and have to ski down on a rope, then you also have a 100% advantage with the Ti-Clip.

In the event of a fall, the rope automatically releases itself upwards from the Ti-Clip. Your connection to the rope will only be active as usual, via your attachment point.  

The Ti-Clip can be easily attached to the belt or leg loop in the ideal position for you. 

The Ti-Clip can hold ropes between 8.5 and 11 mm directly. For smaller rope diameters (e.g. 6 mm), as is sometimes used on high-altitude tours, the Ti-Clip clamps by inserting a small plug-in adapter. 

Discovered and recommended by mountain guides - unique advantages

  • No rubbing of the rope on the thigh

  • Minimizing the risk of injuring the rope due to the crampons or tripping

  • Controlled cable routing to the rear, without manual repositioning

  • Position on the belt can be freely optimized


Buy now and get on the climbing harness:

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