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The Ti-Clip critically tested by the "ALPENACADEMY" with great conclusion

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The "AlpenAcademy - Mountain sports in focus!" with more than 15,400 subscribers has critically tested the Ti-Clip in a recently published YouTube post. Critical is also right, because that's how we all feel when faced with something new.

Without warning, I was caught off guard by the appearance of this video, and so I was left with only the option to nervously devote myself to the content of the product test titled "Ti-Clip - what is that, please?".

In the end, I must fully congratulate AlpenAcademy for the very professional product test, as it really looked critically at everything about the Ti-Clip use in climbing and brought it to the point.

I find the contribution very good with a super conclusion and a good product recommendation for the Ti-Clip in the finale of the video.

We thank for the independent product test. Check it out right now ...

Kind regards

Andreas from the TiROCK Team

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