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The time has come: Our Ti-Hand finger trainer is launching for online sales.

With July/August, we've achieved it, and our next in-house development is entering the sales phase on the online store. Starting from August, both the Light and Medium versions will be fully available for delivery. Our Strong model is also already available for online sale in a special white edition.

We are extremely proud of our innovative finger trainer, which is an absolute world novelty and currently exclusively available through us and selected retailers.

The first product video is online.

What sets the Ti-Hand finger trainer apart from others and why is it so unique?

  • The Ti-Hand finger trainer is perfectly suited to train or mobilize each individual finger with the ideal level of engagement.

  • Easily replaceable finger pressure springs (push & pull) in various strengths and colors.

  • We install the little finger with a slightly weaker strength as a standard (except for the "light" version), promoting a consistent and motivating application.

  • Springs that flex slightly to the side, creating an exceptionally smooth and playful operation. This ensures you always enjoy your training and eagerly reach for the Ti-Hand.

  • The springs offer sufficient space due to their lateral flexibility, even for very large hands and fingers.

  • Linearly increasing spring force at the maximum stroke height (approximately 3 cm). This allows for a wide range of strength demands to be represented through varying pressure depths during training.

  • More training variations than any other finger trainer: finger training, finger play, monkey grip, pinch grip, thumb training, hand training, chest muscles, back muscles, arm muscles.

  • Training videos on our website (still in development and continually expanding).

  • Expandable as a modular system for personalized customization.

  • Sturdy and visually appealing.

  • Highest quality.

  • Simple and lightweight: You can easily carry our finger trainer in your pants or jacket pockets, enabling you to train anywhere.

  • 100% European value creation: Developed, distributed, and packaged in Tyrol / Austria; produced in Austria, Germany, and Lithuania.

  • Protected as a utility model and registered design.

As enthusiastic climbers and bikers, we developed the Ti-Hand finger trainer for training purposes, but its applications extend far beyond our own favorite sports. So, who is the Ti-Hand finger trainer suitable for?

  • Hobbyists and professional athletes: Climbers / boulderers, (downhill, cross-country) cyclists, motocross riders, gymnasts, fitness enthusiasts, tennis players, gamers.

  • Musicians: Guitarists, pianists, wind instrument players, drummers.

  • In rehabilitation and physiotherapy: Targeted and gentle mobilization / loading of individual fingers and finger groups.

  • In occupation and everyday life: Counterbalance to computer work, stress reduction, and anxiety relief.

  • For your health: For instance, for individuals with weak hands or finger arthritis.

We are thrilled to offer you the Ti-Hand finger trainer, a perfect on-the-go training device.

Best regards,

TiROCK Sports Team


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