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Our new Ti-Hand finger strength trainer tested by

We are very pleased that our Ti-Hand finger trainer was recently tested by and received a great review!

Flexible Finger Training for Climbers: The Ti-Hand finger trainer offers an innovative solution for finger, grip, and forearm training. The test report highlighted that the ability to adjust the load for each finger individually is a crucial advantage. This allows for targeted training, where, for instance, the little finger can be less stressed compared to stronger fingers like the middle or index finger.

Customizable Compression Springs: The test report describes the different strengths of the compression springs: black (strong), blue (medium), and grey (light). This allows the load to be individually adjusted, optimizing finger strength training to meet personal needs. The medium Pro version, used in the test, is ideal for climbing training and also allows endurance training with many repetitions.

Versatile Use and Training Options: Another highlight from the test report is the versatility of the Ti-Hand finger trainer. It can be used not only for training at home but also conveniently while traveling or warming up at the crag. This flexibility makes it a perfect companion for every climber.

The test report concludes with the following very positive summary: "The Ti-Hand finger trainer is a well-designed training device that can be used very flexibly."

Read the full test report here and find out why the Ti-Hand finger trainer is the perfect training device for you: testet den Ti-Hand Fingertrainer
Ti-Hand Fingerkrafttrainer Testbericht von

Best regards,

Your TiROCK Team

P.S.: Our customers find the Ti-Hand test report from very helpful.

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