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Ti-Clip for high altitude touring (glacier) - simply belongs on every harness

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Full mobility and focus on the tour!

The new video about the applications and advantages of the Ti-Clip for high altitude tours / glacier tours is now online. We at TiROCK Sports are fully enthusiastic about this application variant and are very much looking forward to your experiences. Take a look right now ...

In order to cover all variants for the high touring application, we have developed the "Adapter SD" for the Ti-Clip. This now also supports the use for even smaller rope diameters (e.g. 6mm reef cords on the glacier). The "Adapter SD" is easy to put on the Ti-Clip and fixed. Thus, the Ti-Clip is ready for all rope diameters from about 6 - 11mm in full function for you.

By the way, the tip for this application came from a very successful Tyrolean mountaineer and mountain guide, who was always looking for a solution like this. Paul uses the Ti-Clip on his guided alpine tours and preferably mounts it on the side of the leg loops, thus avoiding possible space collisions with different backpack designs in advance.

Much joy and health with your high tours.

The team of TiROCK Sports

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