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Preisgekrönter Fingerkrafttrainer, Handkrafttrainer und Unterarmtrainer für Kletterer (Made in EU)

Best hand training device for climbing, bouldering, biking or for hand therapy


The finger trainer for targeted recovery and sustainable hand health.


Finger trainer for musicians

Finger strength and coordination training.

Flexible - targeted

That's why Ti-Hand is the best Finger trainer!

The best finger trainer for mountain bikers, downhillers and climbers is versatile, regardless of training times, the innovative sports equipment can be used practically on-the-go, always and everywhere in a practical pocket size. 

The Ti-Hand can be used for finger strength training as well as the entire hand. Athletes who put a lot of strain on their hands use the Ti-Hand to build strength and endurance in daily finger training and forearm training. During competitions, the Ti-Hand is the ideal device for individual warm-up. 


The finger trainer is small, light and adjustable. The different compression springs have different strengths, are easily distinguishable due to the colors and are suitable for every finger. The Ti-Hand is the ideal muscular preparation for competition and training and at the same time it is an excellent device for preventing injuries or for easily restoring performance in the case of typical finger injuries. 


The springs of the finger trainer are also laterally flexible, which enables playful and coordination elements in finger training. The well thought-out design and the special choice of materials result in a linear increase in the pressure resistance of the springs, which results in an ideal load curve over the entire lifting height. TiROCK Sports provides training exercises and tutorials for finger training and forearm training.


Ultimately, the TiROCK finger trainer is manufactured in Europe - Made in Europe!

Der preisgekrönte Unterarmtrainer für Mountainbiker Ti-Hand von TiROCK Sports
Customer feedback

"Great, thank you very much 🙏 😊. I'm very satisfied
and recommend you to others. Really fun with the hand trainer
train. Greetings Gerald"

(Gerald / Bavaria / Germany)

Well thought-out system for the best finger training

Bester Fingerkrafttrainer mit Vorteilen die überzeugen

"Ti-Hand challenges each finger in a playful, individual and flexible way to improve strength, dexterity and endurance."

Perfect for you:

  • Hobby and professional athletesClimbing / Bouldering(downhill, cross country), motocross, gymnastics, fitness, tennis, gamers

  • Musician: guitar, piano, wind instruments, drums

  • At rehab and physio: Targeted and gentle mobilization / loading of the individual fingers and finger groups

  • At work and in everyday life: Compensation for PC work, stress and nervousness reduction

  • For your health: e.g. for weak hands or finger arthrosis

"The perfect strength and mobilization training for your fingers"

Buy now and start your training:

Development and distribution from Austria; European production

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