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The Ti clip is the Product innovation for your climbing harness and should not be missing on any belt in the future. He willfor climbing on each side (left and right) attached to the harness andhelps in "difficult" clip positions (overstretched clipping). The Ti clipavoids the dangerous clamping of the rope between the teeth and offers oneefficient, hygienic and energy-saving movement sequence. He serves thatIntermediate holding of the unloaded rope in order to grab it efficiently and safely and to lengthen it for clippingrn.
There is more perfect Applications for high-altitude tours and via ferratas.


Important properties:

+ The Ti cliphas the same effect in both directions and can therefore be operated from both sides

+ Optimized for one if possiblelow clamping resistance when inserting the rope, whereby an ideal and energy-saving flow of movement is given

+ Detaching the rope from the Ti-Clip is very smooth-running and gentle on the rope through a rolling overcoming of the contact spring pressure

+ No sharp edges as well minimal weight and size for unhindered climbing

+ in case of asudden fall,the rope comes loose by overcoming the pressure of the contact spring independently from the Ti-Clip
+ Simple and flexible attachment for different belt widths (approx. 3.2 to 7 cm), thicknesses and upper and lower belt edges that do not run parallel

+ IIndividual positioning on the climbing harness or other belt systems

2x Ti-Clip (slate grey; for climbing / alpine tours / via ferrata)

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VAT Included |
  • + main dimensions a Ti-Clip unit: approx. 3.4 x 3.2 x approx. 1.9 cm
    + Weight: 6 g per Ti-Clip unit; Package total weight about 24 g
    + Rope Compatibility: Optimized for dynamic single ropes from 8.9 to 11 mm in diameter
    + Material: The Ti-Clip consists of aUV and weather resistant plastic, which has perfect properties for a clamping mechanism of this kind.
    + The attachment of the Ti-Clip is done by means of 2 individually adjustableMicro Velcro straps (about 18cm length) .
    +Colors: TheTi clip is in the default anthracite colored. It will also be available in special colors in limited editions. The Micro Velcro straps for attachment are always standardblack.
    + Scope of delivery: Ti-Clip (2 pieces) incl. belt fastening straps and product description
    + Any Documents (pdf) and explanatory videosstand under "Downloads".
    + Developed, tested, checked and packed in Austria / Tyrol; Produced in Germany
    + The product was TÜV Austria first tested (PSA21-102)
    + About thatOriginal from TiROCK toprotect and plagiarismtoimpedethe product is product-protected in several countries

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Information of interest to customers:

Ti-Clip for climbing 

Overextended clipping without having to bite the rope. The real alternative for your teeth when hanging high.

Order your Ti-Clip today, avoid unnecessary risks and experience the benefits on your next tour.

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