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“Ti-Hand challenges each finger playfully, individually and flexibly to improve strength, dexterity and endurance.”


Your chosen variant - spring BLACK (strong):

  • Ideal for advanced users as well as training in the medium and upper stress range
  • Spare part for Ti-Hand FINGER TRAINER
  • 2x black feather (max. approx. 4.4kg per finger)


  • The finger pressure spring is the extension for your Ti-Hand finger trainer in order to train individually different stress intensities.
  • Easily replaceable compression springs in different strengths and colors for each finger.
  • The finger pressure spring can be used in any finger position on your Ti-Hand finger trainer.

2 pieces finger pressure spring BLACK (strong) for Ti-Hand FINGER TRAINER

SKU: 313
VAT Included |
  • + Main dimensions: approx. 19.5 x 14.5 x approx. 85 mm
    + Weight: 9 g per spring
    + Material: plastic
    + Product description and explanatory videos on our website
    + In order to protect the original TiROCK and prevent plagiarism, the product is protected in several countries (patent office)

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