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About TiROCK Sports

TiROCK Sports is a brand new start up founded in 2021. The goal of TiROCK is to develop OUTSTANDING INNOVATIONS for MORE FUN AND SAFETY IN CLIMBING AND OUTDOOR SPORTS and to market them independently. The young company is owner-managed and independent. The company is based in Tyrol (Austria), a well-known region where many outdoor enthusiasts can experience beautiful and intensive moments again and again. 

The regional roots and the field of activity is also part of the naming. The name TiROCK is made up of the company region Tyrol (Ti) and the English word for rock and mountains (ROCK). The independence and  the outdoor enthusiasm of a small think tank in the heart of the Alps  should with its innovations and growing brand awareness all  climbing, Support mountain and outdoor athletes in the long term so that they can enjoy their experiences even more intensely and with more focus.

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