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Endurance on the BIKE trail
Ti-Hand FINGER TRAINER for mountain bikers

Der preisgekrönte Unterarmtrainer für Mountainbiker Ti-Hand von TiROCK Sports

Maximize your MTB riding experience with more grip strength and less arm pump on the bike trail

The Ti-Hand finger trainer is the ultimate tool to take your mountain bike performance to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned downhill expert or an avid trail biker, our finger trainer gives you the targeted training you need for increased grip strength and better control.

Ti-Hand challenges each finger playfully, individually and flexibly to gain strength and enduranceuer targeted improvement.

Mehr MTB-Kontrolle und weniger Armpump im Bike-Trail
Why Ti-Hand for mountain bikers?
  • Stronger grip strength and precise bike control: Master demanding trails effortlessly through targeted training of your grip strength.

  • Wless forearm pump: Targeted training reduces forearm fatigue and enables longer rides without pumping.

  • Safe braking: A strong grip for precise braking reactions, increasing safety on difficult routes. 

  • Adjustable resistance: Train at your level, increase resistance flexibly and individually.

Development and distribution from Austria; European production

Unique Ti-Hand Product advantages especially for mountain bikers
Vorteile unseres Fingertrainingsgeräts Ti-Hand
  • Trains each finger individually about themaximum pressure depth

  • Laterally flexible springs  - for playful finger coordination

  • Expandable system - for your individual training requirements - e.g.  little fingers with soft feather

  • Outstanding design: Extremely simple, robust, ergonomic, slim and light (pocket size!)

  • Many different training exercises: Free Web Videos

Choose your suitable Ti-Hand Product variant

Or adapt the Ti-Hand specifically and flexibly with an additional range of springs.

Are you ready for the next level?
Der preisgekrönte Unterarmtrainer für Mountainbiker Ti-Hand von TiROCK Sports

Increase your mountain bike performance and control on the trail.
The Ti-Hand finger trainer, your hand and forearm trainer 2 GO! Order now and experience the difference.

Buy now and start your training:

Kletter Fingertraining am Fels
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